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Shy Girls reinvented, with quality ingredients and flavor, our cotton candy entices your mouth with exceptional taste and freshness.

Lanesha Gerron had a dream that went beyond the sweet, sugary clouds of cotton candy. Lanesha, a survivor of her own battles with anxiety and depression, envisioned a business that not only satisfied sweet cravings but also created a safe space for women to open up about their mental health struggles. And so, "Shy Girl Sweets" was born.

Lanesha's journey began with the realization that her own experiences could be a source of strength and inspiration for others. Embracing her vulnerability, she decided to name her cotton candy cart "Shy Girl Sweets," turning what society might perceive as a weakness into a powerful statement of courage.

The cart itself became a haven of pastel colors, adorned with comforting quotes and encouraging messages that resonated with the struggles many women faced. Lanesha handcrafted each cotton candy with care, infusing them with love and a touch of bravery, symbolizing the strength found in vulnerability.

Shy Girl Sweets quickly became a staple at local events, markets, and community gatherings. Lanesha and her team not only served delightful cotton candy but also initiated conversations about mental health, inviting customers to share their stories. The cart became a judgment-free zone where women could express their feelings without fear, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Shy Girl Sweets continues to spin cotton candy and weave threads of courage, creating a sweet haven where the power of vulnerability is celebrated, one cotton candy at a time.


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